BeFaster Workshop

Fine tune your development technique

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Go through a realistic coding challenge designed to put your design skills to the test.


Each session is recorded so you can compare your time and technique with others.


Discover key insights on what makes someone faster.

What is it?

The BeFaster workshop is a full-day intensive training workshop where you focus on improving your development technique.

It uses a data driven approach to personal improvement.

You go through a realistic coding challenge designed to put your design skills to the test. After that we sit back and analyse each approach.

Why attend?

You will improve your development technique by:

  • Self assessment - put your technique to the test and see how well it plays out,
  • Technique review - after the session we collectively analyse each approach and identify areas for improvement,
  • Seeing other approaches - each screen gets recorded so that you get the chance to see how your colleagues have tackled the same problem.


  • Coding Challenge4h

    You will work on an individual coding challenge inspired by a real business problem. The domain is well known and easy to relate to.

    The exercise contains multiple rounds with changing requirements so will put your design and refactoring skills to the test.

    The challenge can be done in: Java, Javascript, Ruby or Python.

    You will be using your laptop and your IDE of choice.

  • Lunch1h

    Lunch will be provided. Please let me know if you have any special dietary requests or restrictions.

  • Technique Review3h

    After lunch we look at the results from the coding session.

    Each participant gets the chance to describe their thought process. You get to present how your code evolved through rounds and why. The other participants will offer suggestions and you will engage in constructive conversations about your code.

    By seeing other people’s approaches you will discover things that you’re not aware of.


During the exercise I found it interesting how my design decisions affected my speed and how much tests helped.

The feedback afterwards highlighted things that that were not obvious at the time.


Embedded developer

It is an interesting real life problem and not a trivial task.

It was interesting to view other people’s techniques, styles of code and thought processes.


Frontend developer

It simulates really well a situation that every developer faces.

During the technique review it was cool to see how code evolves when requirements are changing.


Backend developer

Private workshops

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